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Gibali d.o.o. was founded in 2014, based on many years of experience in the field of industrial automation. The main goal was to realize the desire to combine our own knowledge and proven reliable partnerships into an advanced, high-quality and competitive service.

In the ten years of our existence, we have completed numerous projects in various industries around the world, strengthened our team and acquired representations for attractive products that are important building blocks in the electrification or automation of production.


Our guiding principle is primarily long-term operation. Although things are moving faster than ever in today’s world, and with that quick results are also expected, it’s even more important to assess the effectiveness of a production line over its entire lifespan.

When electrifying and automating machinery, production lines, or processes, we always put ourselves in the role of the line owner.

The most effective automation in the long run is the one that:

  • is planned according to the current needs of the client and with consideration for potential future changes expected by the client.
  • is implemented using high-quality components.
  • is implemented with components that remain replaceable long after deployment, ensuring serviceability and global availability.
  • has its application program executed traceably, based on good engineering practices. This, however, is only achievable with experienced engineers or under the vigilant eye of a leader with a well-established system.
  • that can be easily expanded, updated, and integrated with other systems in the future according to the needs.

We are delighted with every new customer. The confirmation that we are doing well comes from our long-term partners.

company info

Full name:GIBALI, strojni vid in avtomatizacija d.o.o.
Short name:GIBALI d.o.o.
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