High-performance I/O system for industrial Ethernet

The MatriXIO PRO, a high-performance, real-time IO system, is specially developed for harsh industrial environments and is known for its reliability. The modular and easily expandable system is compatible with a wide range of industrial Ethernet-based protocols, such as EtherCAT, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, and Ethernet/IP.

The system’s 100Mbps high-speed bus with hot-swappable capability enables a variety of advanced functions. The compact design allows for high-density configuration with 16 channels. Spring terminals on the I/O module connectors, made with the latest fast plug-in PUSH-IN technology for quick wire connection, with color identification for better recognition in six different colors.

Digital signal capture delay is 50µs, A/D conversion of analog signals is 120µs.

The advanced and adaptable MatriXIO PRO can be used for various technical solutions.

  • MatriXIO PRO hot swap is still considered an advanced functionality, typically found only in high-end controllers or I/O modules. Hot swap functionality allows individual module replacement without disrupting the operation of the entire system. Without this functionality, the entire system and all devices connected to this controller must be stopped to replace an individual module. This functionality significantly reduces downtime or production loss.
  • MatriXIO PRO connectors equipped with spring contacts are designed with a focus on reliability. Spring contacts enable quick and easy assembly with a reliable connection. Your efficiency is important, so the connectors are designed with 18 terminals and a 6-color recognition system, allowing for quick and easy module replacement.
  • Compact and convenient design – Space in electrical distribution panels is expensive and often limited, so MatriXIO PRO is not only compact and convenient but also user-friendly, allowing for optimal space utilization and ease of use, enabling technicians to focus on solving technological problems rather than assembly. Wide expandability allows integration of 64 I/O modules into a single I/O unit.
  • Ultra-fast integrated bus – MatriXIO PRO utilizes an integrated bus with speeds up to 100Mbps.
  • Three-part module design – I/O modules are composed of three components. 
  • Mechanical locking of sockets – Mechanical locks allow for quick and secure mounting of modular assemblies on DIN rails and reliable electrical connection.


MXIO 155-1EC01-0AA0

EtherCAT gateway


MXIO 155-1PN01-0AA0

PROFINET gateway


MXIO 155-1MD01-0AA0

Modbus TCP gateway


MXIO 155-1EP01-0AA0

EtherNET/IP gateway



MXIO 421-1BH00-0AA0



MXIO 422-1BH00-0AA0

16 DO


MXIO 422-1BH01-0AA0

16 DO


MXIO 423-1BH00-0AA0

8 DI / 8 DO


MXIO 422-1BF00-0AD0

8 DO relay



MXIO 434-1FF00-0AA0

8 AI


MXIO 435-1HD00-0AA0

4 AO



MXIO 434-1JD00-0CA0



MXIO 434-1JD00-0DA0




MXIO 438-1AB00-0AA0




MXIO 493-1BP00-0AB0

Base unit



MXIO 492-1AJ00-0AB0

Power modul