PLC&HMI programming

It is only with an application program that a machine or line »comes to life«.

It is a mistake not to give enough emphasis to the implementation of the application program, as it represents the heart of the line.

It is not enough for the machine to just somehow operate. Only with professionally crafted software will the machine operate flawlessly and at maximum efficiency.

In our company, we can confidently say that our development team is at a highest level. The core of the team consists of experienced engineers. Young engineers join, learn, and follow internally written standards, using proven software tools and software blocks from a unified library.

For a good application program, it is not enough just to know programming languages. It is primarily about the ability to understand the logical problem and the ability to feel the customer’s needs.

It rarely happens that a client provides us with an exact functional description of the line’s operation.

A good programmer is capable of creating a functional specification of the operation based on the mechanical plan and verbal description, which the final client either approves or provides feedback on, leading to corrections or additions to the functional description.

In programming, we use principles of good engineering practice while also following the latest guidelines of Industry 4.0 (IOT, MQTT, etc.).